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Songbird Ultra 2.0 Hearing Aid
Songbird Ultra 2.0

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my hearing aid. It's much better and more comfortable than the one that I paid thousands of dollars for. I'm telling my friends who can't afford the expensive aids that Songbird is affordable and in my opinion, better. My Songbird has made me feel less isolated and I now enjoy going out to lunch and being with people. It's worth every penny.

-- Barbara P., Nashville, TN


Our History

In mid 2012, with a rich history in the field and a renewed commitment to customer service and quality products at a reasonable price, the new owners of Songbird Hearing are poised to deliver a whole new generation of life enhancing products. 
Songbird Hearing was started in 2000 by the Sarnoff Corporation. The founding team, formerly a division of RCA Labs, the same technology lab that created some of the world’s leading consumer technology innovations like HDTV and Digital Satellite TV, defined a new initiative and a new era of product development. This time, focused on audio. 
With backing from Johnson & Johnson (JNJ:NYSE), based on the belief that a hearing aid didn’t need to be expensive or difficult to buy, the founders continued to evolve and improve the product line. 
Today, the pinnacle of all of that hard work from past and present teams has resulted in focus on the new and improved Songbird Ultra 2.0. This 100% digital hearing aid, with dynamic feedback cancellation, replaces all past versions of Songbird’s Ultra, Clear and Flexfit® models and serves as a flagship for new products to come. 
Early in 2014, Songbird Hearing launched the new Songbird Air digital hearing aid that fits completely in the ear. Visit our for more details.


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