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I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my hearing aid. It's much better and more comfortable than the one that I paid thousands of dollars for. I'm telling my friends who can't afford the expensive aids that Songbird is affordable and in my opinion, better. My Songbird has made me feel less isolated and I now enjoy going out to lunch and being with people. It's worth every penny.

-- Barbara P., Nashville, TN

Songbird Ultra 2.0 Hearing Aid

Songbird Ultra 2.0

STEREO Free Trial*


Songbird Ultra 2.0

SINGLE Free Trial*


* You pay $15 shipping. That's right, shipping is the same if you want to try one or two Songbirds.

If you seek a high quality, open fit digital hearing aid, equivalent to what's found in a doctor's office without the hassle or fuss, we are sure you will agree Songbird hearing aids are right for you.

Regularly available at the low price of $495, you can now try free hearing aids from Songbird for 45 days. All we ask is that you pay $15 for shipping and handling. If you aren’t thoroughly satisfied, just send them back. No questions asked. All that is required is to just send them back via Fedex with tracking number.

Discreet and comfortable to wear any time, these 100% digital hearing aids have an enhanced audio spectrum, digital signal processing and dynamic feedback cancellation. The Songbird Ultra 2.0 digital hearing aids ship with both left and right fittings, so you can use them on either ear, whenever and wherever you need them.